Thrifty Crafting Tips

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Thrifty crafting tips -

Crafting on a budget? No problem! There is no reason for being thrifty to stop you. Here are some tips that might help you along the way.

  • Check with your local landfill to see if they will let you have discarded paint. Mine lets you come get whatever you want, free of charge. It saves them from having to dispose of it. I have found some really great quality paint in fun colors!


  • Never shop at a craft store without a coupon! I cannot stress this enough. Most stores have apps with coupons saving you up to 50%. You can also sign up for money saving emails as well as check for coupons in the Sunday newspaper.


  • Ask your friends for help. If you need bottles, books, old jewelry or anything ask your friends if they have anything. You can post on social media what you need and see who can help. Most of my friends just toss old wine bottles and things so they are happy to let me pick them up instead.


  • Shop at thrift stores. You can save a bundle by buying second hand. Some of the stores even have dollar and half off days!


  • Don’t skip over clearance end caps! Whether you are in a craft store or a big box store like Target, look at the clearance. I have found dirt cheap paint, pens, paper and numerous supplies.


  • Check dumpsters. I’m not saying go dumpster diving, but if you see something awesome sitting out by a dumpster – ask the business owner is you can have it! I have found awesome countertops and office supplies in great condition that were just being cleared out for new merch. It can be a goldmine!


It can be surprisingly easy to make a masterpiece while still being thrifty. There are so many pricing shortcut to be taken. Don’t let anything hold you back from your dreams.


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