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Paper Towel Roll Flowers

cheerfuldreamer.com - Paper Towel Roll Flowers

Not only do I love a good DIY project, but I love seizing any opportunity to repurpose something. This is one of those projects. We all burn through paper towel and toilet paper rolls in our homes. What do we do with the cardboard left over? We either recycle or discard them. Why not repurpose them? I think the first hesitation with repurposing such a thing is doubt that it can be made to look like something other than what it is. Who wants to have a house decorated in something that looks like it has been in the bathroom? I get it. Trust me though, you can really transform these things! Today you will see the first of many examples of how to bring new life to these rolls – paper towel roll flowers!

For this project, we will start by cutting up the rolls.

cheerfuldreamer.com - Paper Towel Roll Flowers

After that, just start assembling! I first wound the fringe looking rolls up and hot glued them together. Then I attached the “petals” to the fringe base. I secured it on a decorative paper straw to serve as the stem. Once the glue was dry, I hit the flowers with a light coat of paint with my airbrush gun. A light coat of spray paint would work just as well. I added a pearl in the center to finish it off and viola!

cheerfuldreamer.com - Paper Towel Roll Flowers

There is sand in the bottom of the vase to hold the flowers in place.

cheerfuldreamer.com - Paper Towel Roll Flowers

Pool Noodle Wreath

I have been playing around with the idea of making a wreath base out of a pool noodle for a few weeks now. I finally got around to actually doing it today. It took a few tries before I found out how to make sure it wouldn’t come apart. It reminded me of magnets… The ends did not want to be together. The easiest thing I found to do is hot glue the ends together and while you are holding them (it helps to have a partner for this step) apply duct tape length wise. I used four pieces of tape. Once it was secure, I then spiraled more tape around the noodle.

I then grabbed some pieces of burlap that I had and hot glued them on. I didn’t have quite enough to go completely around, so I glued a piece of sweater on each side.

I didn’t like how the pieces on the right side flowed together, so I made some quick fabric flowers. Some were made with t-shirt yarn and some with an old skirt. I glued half marbles on the center of each of them. I threw in a couple swirls of pearls as well. They hide the imperfections pretty well!

Here is a close up of the flowers:

What I love about this project is how little I spent. The pool noodle was $2. The burlap was about $2 each because I used a coupon at Michaels. I got the pearls and marbles at Goodwill for $1. Everything else was upcycled. That’s less than $10! Not bad, huh? I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Snowman Ornament

Ok, I will admit it… I have been majorly slacking on my blogging duties lately. I’m sorry!! I have no excuses other than post-Thanksgiving laziness. It’s a real thing. Especially with work being so busy between it being flu season and preparing to change from Target to CVS, I am just exhausted when I get home these days. It is time to get my butt in gear, though. It is my favorite time of year and I have so much that I want to share with you guys!! I will start with something fun and simple – a snowman ornament. For this project you will need:

A clear glass ball ornament

Wire ornament hook

White acrylic paint

The end of a sweater sleeve (I left mine intact until it was attached)

Sharpie or black paint pen

Orange puffy paint or paint pen

Twine or ribbon

Hot glue

Start by taking the metal stopper out of your ornament and pouring in a bit of white paint. Put your finger over the hole and shake well until the entire inside is completely coated. Let it dry and put the meal piece back in once that is done. Then begin accessorizing by hot gluing your sleeve onto the top of your ball, leaving about 2/3 of the ball peeking out. Measure our how much of a hat you want and then cut. Leave a bit poking out and tie your twine around several times. Attach your ornament hook into the top of the sweater puff.  All that’s left is to draw on your face! Two round eyes, an orange carrot shaped nose and a mouth. Bam! Easy as that!

I love how this guy turned out! I am going to make more with different colored hats. We are putting our tree up this weekend so I will have somewhere to showcase them. I will probably give a few out as gifts as well. Happy crafting.

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Sweater Pumpkins

Today I made my first video tutorial! I am really excited about it. If you have a spare moment, please go check it out. These pumpkins are super cute and easy to make.



Pallet Fun


I have been wanting to try my hand at some pallet projects for quite some time now. Luckily for me, my dad was able to get his hands on some free ones for me. After all, my favorite crafts usually start out as being free (or cheap) projects!

The hardest part for me was breaking down the pallets. I didn’t take any pictures during that process. I was just happy to finish with all 20 fingers and toes!! Clumsiness and power tools typically do not mix for me. Once I had everything broken down and the planks stacked up, I grabbed five of them that were pretty much the same length.

I knew I wanted my first project to be a star. I lined everything up into a star shape that I liked and began hammering each point, plus a few spots in between. I will admit, I got very frustrated when the nails kept popping out. Ugh! Next time I will definitely use screws.


…please excuse the dirty drive way and power washing doodles!

Other than the issue with the nails, I was very happy with how it turned out. At this point there were a few finishing options. It could be left unfinished or it could be painted. I opted to cover mine in Christmas lights and put it on my front porch.


(See the dogs at the door admiring mom’s handiwork?)

I love the finished project. It looks great at night. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of it in the dark that looked halfway decent. I think you get the picture though. Once the holidays come and go this year, I will probably take the lights off and paint it. I’ll post pictures of what it eventually becomes.

RePurposed Container Adventures


Helping people clear out their junk can pay off folks. We’re not just talking about karma points, either. There are always treasures to be found. What some might call junk I call crafting gold! I found an enormous pickle jar when I was helping clean out my parents shed. I was so happy that they hadn’t thrown it out. It still had its lid and everything! Yay!

I wanted to turn it into a pretty container that would look nice enough to display and less like a pickle jar. First, I hot glued a tall candlestick holder onto the bottom.

I then screwed a wooden knob top the lid. I hit that with a coat of hammered metal spray paint. Once it was dry I screwed it back on the jar and I was finished.

I filled this one with toiletries to keep in my guest bathroom. This is why I love having a subscription to Birchbox. When I have left over samples that I haven’t used yet, this is a perfect use for them. You never know wher you will have a house guest that needs an e tea bath or beauty product. Plus, it is a fun way to introduce your friends and family members to awesome products that you love. It would also make a great candy dish or cookie jar! What would you guys use it for?

Quick Mason Jar Repurpose


I recently discovered a very frugal way to obtain paint. At my local landfill, you can take home any paint they have for free. This prevents them from having to pay to dispose of it, so they are happy to see you take it off of their hands. Plus, it keeps it from possibly contaminating the environment. When I discovered this, I may have gone a little crazy. BUT after getting judgy looks from my hubby and one of the employees having to get me a shopping cart, I took home a ton of awesome paint. That included three cans of gold spray paint, because you never know when you might need it for a project! They were different kinds at least – Plain, metallic and hammered.

Back to the project at hand… I decided that the counter in my guest bathroom needed a bit of sprucing up. This was my chance to justify (if only just a miniscule amount) the gold spray paint.

I grabbed two small mason jars and got to work.


The main colors of that bathroom are blue and a goldish yellow. I decided to paint one jar and one lid ring blue and the other with the hammered gold/copper spray paint.


Once they were dry, I put the opposite rings on to make them look like more of a set.


I just threw some cotton balls in one and cotton swabs in the other. Viola. Super easy DIY project and it added a bit of charm to my guest bathroom. You can repurpose mason jars in so many ways! They are not just for canning. I like to upcycle ones that are past their prime or ones that you just don’t feel safe canning food in.

Liquor Bottle Tiki Torches


I saw a picture of the cutest liquor bottle tiki torches online a while back and have been dying to make some! Living in the south, mosquitoes are a real problem. Not to mention the fact that they are the size of pterodactyls. Seriously, they are that big. So, anytime I can find  a cute way to repel those suckers, I am all for it. This is a great way to use up old liquor bottles. I never throw any of them away.

The first step in this super easy DIY project is too select your bottle(s). If you have more than one, you could make a very cute set. If you have, for example, four different kinds of Jack Daniels, you could have a very fun set to display. As for me, I chose this Fireball bottle.


You will also need Teflon tape and a 1/2 x 3/8 copper coupling. You can find both of these things at your local hardware store.



Wrap the bottom of the fitting in Teflon tape until it is thick enough to fit in the bottle without falling to the bottom. Once it fits, I typically put a bit of sealer around it and slid it in. It is okay if the sealer pops out at the top, just smooth it around and it will keep moisture from getting into the bottle and mixing with your fuel.


After the sealer is dry, pour in your oils of choice. I used plain citronella oil. All you have to do at this point is slip your wick in and you are good to go.


Make sure you store your lamp somewhere safe. If it falls over and any oil slips out, it can make your labels come off of the bottle. This is such cute way to keep the bugs away, especially when you are entertaining. It will make a good conversation piece as well. Be warned, though, your friends will definitely want you to make them some once they see yours!

Two Tiered Stand

Two Tiered Stand - cheerfuldreamer.com

Two Tiered Stand - cheerfuldreamer.com

Still fired up from the makeup stand I made last week, I decided to make another one. I bought these super cute hand painted plates from a nice little lady a couple of weeks ago. I found her on one of my favorites sites to find treasures on. It is called Varage Sale. Check it out. There is a local swap meet group in my area that I found on there, so I don’t have to worry about paying shipping fees. Much like the other stand, this project is pretty straight forward.

I used a dinner plate on the bottom and salad plate for the top tier. Connecting them is another one of the $1 candlestick holder that I snagged at Goodwill. Good thing I bought more than one!

Two Tiered Stand - cheerfuldreamer.com

I wasn’t sure if they would be safe for food, but the lady I purchased them from assured me that she ate on them often. I am thinking about trying my hand at painting some dishes myself now. Ceramics can be such fun! I haven’t completely decided what to do with this stand. I am waffling between using it to display nail polish and using it as a dessert tray. Perhaps I will just make another one and satisfy both needs. What do you guys think would be a good use for it?

Glade Candle Upcycle – Part 2

Glade Candle Upcycle - cheerfuldreamer.com

Glade Candle Upcycle - cheerfuldreamer.com Let me start by saying that I had a lot of fun making these! It also got rid of five of the jars in the empty candle box. The best part is that I sold these on Etsy the same day I listed them! This completely justifies my hoarding things. I don’t know why I hoard craft supplies… I blame my mom. She has a problem 🙂 but I love her anyway. One day I shall inherit her immense collection of candle jars, empty canisters and old magazines. I should stop, she is probably reading this. I love you, mommy! Anyway, you only need a few things for this project: Twine, sequins (I think gold looks really nice with the neutral color of the twine) and hot glue. You can do this on any type of candle jar. The nice thing about Glade jars is that they are small and uniform. It won’t take forever covering this like it would a big jar from Yankee Candle or something. The easiest way to remove the wax from the jars is to fill them up with piping hot water and let them sit. I just fill up a tea kettle and pour the water once it is boiling. It is much safer than pouring the water from a pot on the stove. The wax will slowly become dislodged and float to the top. Most of them will do this on their own, but you may have to pry a few out. I just used a wooden skewer on the ones I found to be difficult. Glade Candle Upcycle - cheerfuldreamer.comGlade Candle Upcycle - cheerfuldreamer.comGlade Candle Upcycle - cheerfuldreamer.com After that, wipe them out with a little Goo Gone to remove any residual wax and you will be good to go! Some of the jars may have a bit of black on them from their previous use, but that is very easy to clean off. I like to do large batches at a time. It is a great time saver when you are doing projects and already have a stash of clean jars set aside. Glade Candle Upcycle - cheerfuldreamer.com I started by covering two jars completely in twine and one just in sequins. After that I made two of them have patterns using both materials. I would advise that if you make these, you just use small tea lights in order to prevent a flame from touching the top and catching your twine on fire. I use LED tea lights to be safe. Glade Candle Upcycle - cheerfuldreamer.com What other kinds of materials do you think would look good on these? I am always looking to make more and would love to try out some of your suggestions!!

**The product links that I have provided are affiliate links. If you buy the product, I get a few cents. That being said, I only list items that I myself have or would purchase and use.