- Paper Towel Roll Flowers

Not only do I love a good DIY project, but I love seizing any opportunity to repurpose something. This is one of those projects. We all burn through paper towel and toilet paper rolls in our homes. What do we do with the cardboard left over? We either recycle or discard them. Why not repurpose them? I think the first hesitation with repurposing such a thing is doubt that it can be made to look like something other than what it is. Who wants to have a house decorated in something that looks like it has been in the bathroom? I get it. Trust me though, you can really transform these things! Today you will see the first of many examples of how to bring new life to these rolls – paper towel roll flowers!

For this project, we will start by cutting up the rolls. - Paper Towel Roll Flowers

After that, just start assembling! I first wound the fringe looking rolls up and hot glued them together. Then I attached the “petals” to the fringe base. I secured it on a decorative paper straw to serve as the stem. Once the glue was dry, I hit the flowers with a light coat of paint with my airbrush gun. A light coat of spray paint would work just as well. I added a pearl in the center to finish it off and viola! - Paper Towel Roll Flowers

There is sand in the bottom of the vase to hold the flowers in place. - Paper Towel Roll Flowers