Sweater Pumpkins

Today I made my first video tutorial! I am really excited about it. If you have a spare moment, please go check it out. These pumpkins are super cute and easy to make.  


DIY Fire Starter

Just a quick and easy DIY for you folks today. What are two things we all throw away almost everyday? Empty toilet paper rolls and dryer lint. I mean, why would we keep them? Stop toss them in the trash immediately! I love finding ways to keep things out of the landfill and this is a… Read More DIY Fire Starter

Home Decor

Two Tiered Stand

Still fired up from the makeup stand I made last week, I decided to make another one. I bought these super cute hand painted plates from a nice little lady a couple of weeks ago. I found her on one of my favorites sites to find treasures on. It is called Varage Sale. Check it… Read More Two Tiered Stand


Glade Candle Upcycle

I know that I have said I am not a hoarder… but I have A LOT of empty Glade candle jars. Like maybe a few boxes. I actually might need an intervention. I just tell myself that as long as I keep coming up with projects like this, it is all okay. You might remember… Read More Glade Candle Upcycle