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Happy Mother’s Day

I was so happy that my weekend off fell on Mother’s Day. I have been so busy at work lately. With the pharmacy transitioning from Target to CVS, when I get off of work each day I am just too exhausted to function. Seriously, if you go to a store that just transitioned to CVS, please be nice to them. They are dying. People are horrible. It’s rough. It was nice to have a day that I didn’t just feel the need to stay in bed. We got up early and took my mom to breakfast at my favorite diner. It was absolutely y-u-m!

mothersday -

I just love that lady. After I got my belly full and did a little shopping, it was home for some doggie snuggle time. I tried to take some cute selfies, but all Delta was interested in was trying to get some kisses. Typical.

doggy kisses - doggy kisses -

She is such a goofball. I hope that everyone reading this enjoyed their weekend. It is back to the grind for me tomorrow. Wish me luck! Hopefully I won’t be too pooped to try out a couple of projects for y’all!

DIY Dog Toy

You might remember my post and corresponding video tutorial on making t-shirt yarn. Well, I finally got around to posting the video for the dog toy I made with the yarn. Honestly, I completely forgot about it until I was going through my phone and saw it. It is really quite simple. Even if you don’t make your own yarn, you can purchase some to make this toy. I simply finger knitted three long strands and tied off each end. Once that is complete, secure all three stands together and braid, twist or knot them until you are at the opposite end.

Check the video out here:

dog rope toy -