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Outdoor Water Fountain

Hello lovely people! It feels like forever since I have been here presenting a project to you. My laptop went to computer heaven right after my last post and it has taken until now to get a new one. Ah, life. It feels good to be back at it, though! I have been working on creating a little backyard oasis for myself lately and I have been wanting to add a little water fountain to it. What better project to stage a come back with, right? Right. So without further ado, here is my super easy, anyone with thumbs can do it, outdoor water fountain!

Outdoor Water Fountain -

Start by gathering two big clay pots and one small pot to hold them together. I just went for Terra Cotta because I was already dishing out a bunch of money on plants and I had somewhat of a budget I was trying to adhere to. You could always splurge and go for the nicer painted, glazed pots of you are feeling froggy. Here are mine:

Outdoor Water Fountain - Outdoor Water Fountain - Outdoor Water Fountain -

As you can see on the pictures on the left, I sealed the bottom hole as well as adhered the smaller pot to the larger one with some caulk. This will keep it from leaking everywhere. You don’t have t use caulk, it is just what I had handy. I didn’t worry too much about how it looked, because it is just for me and you won’t see any of that in the end. Once the caulk (or whatever adhesive you decide to use) is dry, Place the smaller of the two pots on top of the larger and position however you find appealing. I chose to tip mine, because the fountain attachment worked well that way and it just looked nice.

Outdoor Water Fountain -

I bought a bag of nice stones from Lowes to fill the pots with. I love the contrast in colors. Like I said, the sky is the limit when making your own. Once you get the logistics of how everything works, there are so many options to choose from. Before you fill your pots completely up with rocks, put your pump in. I was lucky enough to find this solar-powered pump at Harbor Freight this morning for a heck of a good price! It is nice because I don’t have to worry about unplugging it or wasting power. Love!!

Outdoor Water Fountain -

Once it is in and positioned like you want, start loading in the rocks and water. It really is that easy. This is what mine looks like now:

Outdoor Water Fountain -

You can always use tubing instead of the plastic stand that it comes with. That comes in handy if you don’t want to see where the water is coming from. I didn’t mind on this one, but I have an idea for another one that I might use tubing for. If I make it I will be sure to show you guys! I added a video down below of the fountain in action. Before you watch it, know this. I have not figured out the video editor yet. So the clip is sideways. Yikes! You get the idea, though. Bye loves!!

DIY Outdoor Fountain

Doggie Street Sign

This past weekend, the local Humane Society that I volunteer with put on their annual “Barktoberfest” fundraiser. It is a fun animal friendly event that promotes adoption and no-kill shelters. They have contests, food and vendors. Many people dress their dogs up in Halloween costumes. It is such a fun time. I volunteered to make this colorful sign to depict where the different sections of the event were. Any time I can be crafty and play with animals is a good day in my book. Unfortunately, I didn’t really take pictures along the way of creation, but it is very simple.

I started with plain pallet boards. I sanded them down until they were smooth and used a table saw to make points at the end. I painted them Halloween colors with paint I got from the landfill. I then wrote the street names on with black paint.


I definitely misspelled dachshund on my first attempt. Oops! I attached the signs to a landscape post that I painted black. After some last minute tweaking and changing the direction of a few boards, I was finished. Rather than making a stand for it, I just used a Christmas Tree stand. It worked like a charm.


I had so much fun making this sign. I want to make one for my front yard for Christmas. If I do, I will be sure to blog about it.

Also, if you are thinking about finding something to do with your time, I highly recommend volunteering. The time I have spent with these animals and then watching them go to good homes has been so rewarding. I promise you will not regret it if you give it a try. Give back!

Here are a few fun pictures from the event:


DIY Fire Starter

Just a quick and easy DIY for you folks today. What are two things we all throw away almost everyday? Empty toilet paper rolls and dryer lint. I mean, why would we keep them? Stop toss them in the trash immediately! I love finding ways to keep things out of the landfill and this is a perfect example. When you are drying laundry, simply stuff the lint you remove into a toilet paper roll rather than throwing it away.

DIY Fire Starters -

I store the filled rolls in ziploc bags until I need them. It will keep them from getting moist as well as prevent them from making a mess. They are fantastic to take camping or to use in a backyard fire pit. As you can see, my lint is filled with animal hair. I told you guys I have a small zoo! 🐶🐱

DIY Fire Starters -

These really do burn well and are great to get a nice fire going. It saves time as well because you don’t have to search the area you are in for kindling. Give it a try. You will start saving them like I do!