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Secret Santa Gift

Every year we have a Christmas party for my work crew. We have food, play secret Santa and have an ornament exchange. Every single year (except for one) I have drawn my boss’s name. I wanted to make him something cool this year. He is a huge gator fan as he went to school at UF. This is what I came up with.

I was so nervous about making this. I certainly do not consider myself to be a painter. Yes, I use paint to draw words and abstract images on canvas occasionally, but this is a whole new ballgame. I found an image online that was similar to what I had in mind and started paining. I found the frame a few weeks ago while thrift shopping. It had a horrid looking picture in it, but I couldn’t pass this frame up. It is beautiful!!

As for the painting itself, I just used acrylic paint. I am super eager to paint something else. He had such a great reaction when he opened his gift. I can’t even tell you how much it warmed my heart!

Don’t be afraid to try something knew. You might just surprise yourself!

DIY Ornaments

We just put our Christmas Tree up last night! It is so pretty! Seriously, I feel like a little kid. We played Christmas music and I had the best time putting all the ornaments on. So I thought it was perfect timing for this post. Sure, it is easy to buy the shiny, glitzy ornaments that you can find in the big box stores. It is so fun and rewarding to make your own. There are so many options when it comes to customization. The sky is the limit! I have put together just a few ideas to get you started.

DIY Ornaments -

The first thing you need is clear glass ornaments. I’ll let you in on a little secret: you can never have too many!! All you have to do at this point I fill them. Here is a list of what I filled mine with!

I will say, the beads make the ornaments a bit heavy. Make sure you place them on a sturdier branch! This is just a grain of sand in the big picture of all you can do when making your own ornaments. I promise you will have so much fun and it will be such a great memory when putting up your tree in the years to come.


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Sweater Snowman

If you haven’t noticed yet, my current addiction is repurposing old sweaters. I am constantly thinking about what I can make with them. After I made my sweater pumpkins, I thought about making these snowmen. Start by gathering your supplies:

Old sweater sleeves (white or off white)


Small hair elastics


Eyes, nose and hat (I made mine from polymer clay)

Something for a scarf

Hot glue

Start by turning your sleeve inside out. Tie it off with a hair elastic. Once it is in place, secure it with twine and turn it right side out. Fill the sweater with about a cup of rice or so and tie it with another elastic and piece of twine. For the next ball, use a bit less rice and repeat steps once more. Once you tie off the top, fold the excess sleeve over and hot glue it under the head so it isn’t poking out of the top. You need a flat surface to place your hat on. You can also go ahead and place some glue in between your ball sections to make it all a bit more sturdy. Now glue on the eyes, nose and hat.

For the scarf, you have some options. I just took some t-shirt yarn I had on hand and quickly finger knitted a little scarf. [Have you guys tried finger knitting before?! I am not great knitting with needles, but I watched some finger knitting tutorials on YouTube. It is so easy. You must try it!!] You could also make your scarf with small scraps of material or pieces of ribbon. You can also either just tie it on or hot glue it on. It is really great at hiding the layer of sweater you tuck under as well.

You can add glitter to the nose or use buttons as the eyes to change it up a bit. You can even use a plain long sleeve shirt if you don’t have a sweater!
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Snowman Ornament

Ok, I will admit it… I have been majorly slacking on my blogging duties lately. I’m sorry!! I have no excuses other than post-Thanksgiving laziness. It’s a real thing. Especially with work being so busy between it being flu season and preparing to change from Target to CVS, I am just exhausted when I get home these days. It is time to get my butt in gear, though. It is my favorite time of year and I have so much that I want to share with you guys!! I will start with something fun and simple – a snowman ornament. For this project you will need:

A clear glass ball ornament

Wire ornament hook

White acrylic paint

The end of a sweater sleeve (I left mine intact until it was attached)

Sharpie or black paint pen

Orange puffy paint or paint pen

Twine or ribbon

Hot glue

Start by taking the metal stopper out of your ornament and pouring in a bit of white paint. Put your finger over the hole and shake well until the entire inside is completely coated. Let it dry and put the meal piece back in once that is done. Then begin accessorizing by hot gluing your sleeve onto the top of your ball, leaving about 2/3 of the ball peeking out. Measure our how much of a hat you want and then cut. Leave a bit poking out and tie your twine around several times. Attach your ornament hook into the top of the sweater puff.  All that’s left is to draw on your face! Two round eyes, an orange carrot shaped nose and a mouth. Bam! Easy as that!

I love how this guy turned out! I am going to make more with different colored hats. We are putting our tree up this weekend so I will have somewhere to showcase them. I will probably give a few out as gifts as well. Happy crafting.

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Sweater Pumpkins

Today I made my first video tutorial! I am really excited about it. If you have a spare moment, please go check it out. These pumpkins are super cute and easy to make.



Candy Corn Candied Apples

I made some chocolate chip and candy corn cookies a couple of weeks ago. When I pulled them out of the oven, some of the candy corn had melted on the pan. Yikes. It was a total mess. It gave me an idea, though. Why not use candy corn instead of jolly ranchers, etc. for candied apples? Why had I not thought of this before? I love candy corn! It’s so sugary and delicious.

You will need candy corn, apples and lollipop sticks/popsicle sticks.


Simply pour the candy corn into a pot and set to medium-low heat.


Be sure to keep a close eye on it and stir frequently. The bottom will burn if you are not careful. Just stir, stir, stir until it is melted. It will look like this:


Bubbly and delicious. Put your stick of choice into the apple and dip into the melted goodness.


Roll your apple around until it is completely coated. When you pull it up, let some of the excess liquid drain off. Once it is not too drippy, move it to a piece of wax paper to cool. After mine was cool, it was a bit sticky. I threw it in the fridge and that helped a lot.


This was certainly a fun way to use leftover candy corn. It is a bit more chewy than your traditional candied apple. Let me know what you guys do with your left over candy goodies!

Halloween Town

I am so excited about this Halloween project! I wanted to do something fun for my mantle. I mentioned in my window bat post that anything can be a suitable Halloween decoration if it is painted black? Christmas villages are no exceptions! I picked up these beauties at Goodwill. They were each $3 or less. Score!


There were meant to be potpourri and oil burners. They had bottoms and cords they raised them off of the ground so I needed to take those off. All that took was a screwdriver and a pair of wire cutters.




I hit them with a few coats of flat black spray paint.



After they were thoroughly dry, I headed for my mantle. Before I arranged them, I added some spider webs and orange lights. Some of the houses have holes in them, so the lights look like they are in the house too. The tiny house needed a pedestal, so I painted a small glass candlestick holder and flipped it upside down.


Here are closeups of the houses.


I hope to find more houses to make the village bigger next year. I also want to add a few cars, trees and maybe  a playground or something if I can find one. What else do you guys think would look good?

Halloween Window Bats

I love, love, LOVE decorating for seasons and holidays. Halloween is no exception. It is such a fun time to try out DIY decor. If it doesn’t work, just paint it black and it is suitable for Halloween. My favorite things to spruce up for this occasion are my windows. It is easy and fun for other people in the neighborhood to enjoy. Today I will show you the easiest bats ever.


I started out with plain card stock which I painted black. I just used flat black spray paint.


Once it was dry, I grabbed a colored pencil and roughly drew a bat. As you can see, it does not need to be perfect! (Don’t laugh – I have NO drawing skills!!) 😉


Then just cut them out. If you can still see some of your pencil marks, you can hit them with another quick coat of paint.


Be be sure to glue on some rhinestone eyes. They add a fun touch. After that, just poke a hole through the top, thread some fishing line through and hang them!


I also strung up some orange lights. If you use the rhinestone eyes, they glow and flicker with the lights. Very cool.


Here is a view from the street.


This is such an easy project. If you have kids, it would be a great craft to get them involved in. Happy trick or treating.