Painting Your Own Home: What Not To Do

Painting Your Own Home
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Painting your home yourself can potentially save you a lot of money. It isn’t as simple as just spreading paint around on a wall, though. If it’s not done correctly, a simple DIY project can quickly start to cost you more and more. One wrong move and you can find yourself having to put on the brakes and call a professional. There are a few pitfalls to avoid to prevent extra costs.



It is very important to know whether the previously paint on your walls is latex or oil based. If you are trying to paint over an oil base with latex, the paint is not going to stick to the walls. This will lead to having to buy more paint and products to complete your job. Luckily, there is an easy way to make this determination. All you need to do with soak a rag with denatured alcohol and wipe it over the previous paint for a moment. If it comes off very easily, it is latex. If after a little scrubbing there is very little color on your rag, it is oil based.



Over sanding your walls can cause a myriad of trouble. Too much of it could cause you to sand down to the drywall, which will create a different texture on that part of the wall. It could also lead to that section having a different sheen once painted. It can cause quite an extra mess it can cause! Sanding creates dust and no one wants unnecessary clean up. Don’t forget to clean off the wall after you’re done! In most cases, you will probably just be rough sanding the walls. You can even use a solvent before sanding to lessen the task.


Extra Touches

Know when to use a roller and when to switch to a brush. If you are trying to get a roller too close to the ceiling, you can end up with wall paint on your ceilings in no time. You should always hit your edges (around the trim included) with a brush. This is commonly known as cutting in. Tape off as much area as you can to prevent as many accidents as possible. If you find yourself asking “Should I tape this?” The answer is yes.


With just a little extra time and care, you can have a beautifully painted house on your own. Any type of DIY project you can take on goes a long way when you are buying on a budget. Painting doesn’t have to be a disaster when you are prepared.

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    1. cheerfuldreamer Post author

      Thanks! I made a lot of mistakes painting mine and these tips would have helped me back then lol. Good luck!!

    1. cheerfuldreamer Post author

      I can be such a pain, but it is always nice to have an updated looking place in the end. Good luck with yours!


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