Budget Friendly DIY Supplies and Where to Get Them

Budget Friendly DIY Supplies
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I am always looking for budget friendly resources when I am working on a project. If you know me at all, you know how much I love finding a bargain. This goes with everything – food, clothes, crafts and home improvement items. I always like to shop around for a deal before I head to the big box stores. Don’t get me wrong, those stores definitely have their advantages. They are convenient, especially when you don’t want to wait for something to arrive in the mail. Most of them also offer digital coupons when you download their app. This can go a long way to stack up your savings. If you have time to wait, though, I highly recommend shopping around and seeing what the web has to offer. Here are some of my favorite stops.


Paper Mart

They aren’t just about the paper. You can find washi tape, packaging supplies, ribbon and more for low prices. They regularly have sales and always offer a bulk discount.



I hate to say it, but Amazon really is a great source for discount goods. They have a vast array of products to choose from, making them a great resource. If you are a Prime member, you have even more opportunities to save. Amazon is definitely a budget friendly supplier.


John Neal

This site offers a great deal of calligraphy supplies. They have bulk lots to buy as well as single markers. They offer books to help improve your craft as well.


Cute Tape

Another great resource for paper crafting, Cute Tape has a wide variety of supplies. Definitely check them out for all of your journaling needs!


Factory Direct Craft

Talk about a variety of items to choose from! This place has a great assortment of supplies, especially those geared toward holidays. They also offer free shipping over $50 and have a coupon code if you sign up for their email list.



This site has so much to offer. It is an artsy dream. They have great discounts and free shipping on orders over $35. They also have how-to videos and a killer clearance section.


These sites will definitely keep your projects budget friendly. There are a few popular sites that I did not list that are often favorited by some crafters. I think it is always important to factor quality into the equation when buying supplies. Sure, the prices may be dirt cheap, but are you sacrificing quality to get that deal? In my opinion, most of the time it is not worth it. Who wants to make something only to have it fall apart a week later? Not me. If you have any sites you think should be added to the list, drop a line and let me know!


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