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Happy Belated Halloween

Hello everyone, Happy Halloween! I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday. I had to work all day and trick-or-treating was done in my neighborhood when I got home this year. It wasn’t a total loss, though. we got to be festive at work! After years of not being able to have any holiday spirit, my new company let us have some fun. My co-workers and I painted our faces and wore the traditional ears. I spent the day dispensing prescriptions (and dealing with the most annoying inventory ever) in full on bunny face. It was everything I could have hoped for. Seriously, it was stressful, but still a totally great day because of the festivities.

cheerfuldreamer.com - happy halloween

I had so much fun doing my makeup!! I found a lot of inspiration on Instagram. When I got home, I tried the ears out on the doggos. Two of them hated it, but I can always count on this chilled out hound to go along with my games.

cheerfuldreamer.com - happy halloween

She was sad when I took them off. I’m pretty sure she would have stayed in them for hours. Such a good girl!! The other stinkers kept wanting to take them and chew on them, so they had to be put away. Anyway, I am excited that it is now my favorite time of year. The festive songs, the yummy food and best of all, the amazing DIY projects! Halloween is always a great way to start things off. I need to kick it into high gear, because I have been slacking. I promise there is a lot coming your way. See you soon!

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