Alcohol Splatter Coasters

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A while back, I saw a video of someone making these cool coasters on tiles with sharpies and alcohol. The end result was so fun to look at. I quickly became obsessed with the thought of making some for myself. I finally tried it and am I officially hooked. There are so many great things about this project for so many reasons.


First, you can get the tiles for super cheap at your local warehouse stores. I opted for the oversized tiles at Lowes and only paid 48 cents per tile. The average sized tiles were only 16 cents each. What?! You can also use any brand of permanent marker. I used both Sharpie, PrismaColor and some cheapo markers from Michaels on these. What I love about using different brands on the same piece is that they each transition differently at the end of the process.


Alcohol Splatter Coasters -


Now comes the fun part… drawing! If you have a specific design in mind, go with it. If you want to free hand it, that is okay too! I have two different tiles posted here for you. One is a rainbow and the other is full of just random dots. I had nothing in particular in mind when I did that one. Just color your heart out. Once you are done, spritz your tile with a little alcohol. The ink will automatically start to dissipate once the alcohol hits it. If you want an even cooler effect, you can stand the tile up on any side and let the alcohol run a bit. That’s what I did with my rainbow. As you can see, the colors began to run into each other.


Alcohol Splatter Coasters -


Once they are dry, be sure to thoroughly seal them. You don’t want a wet beverage to ruin them. I used this spray:

Alcohol Splatter Coasters -


I sprayed several coats, letting the coasters dry completely in between. Be sure to spray your art in a well ventilated area. I used my picnic table outside. The fumes from the spray are pretty strong and definitely should not be inhaled. After that, simply glue on some cork or felt to the back and you are done! I’m thinking about how I can make more and possibly turn them into some sort of mosaic project. If I come up with something, you will see it soon!




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