Happy Mother’s Day

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I was so happy that my weekend off fell on Mother’s Day. I have been so busy at work lately. With the pharmacy transitioning from Target to CVS, when I get off of work each day I am just too exhausted to function. Seriously, if you go to a store that just transitioned to CVS, please be nice to them. They are dying. People are horrible. It’s rough. It was nice to have a day that I didn’t just feel the need to stay in bed. We got up early and took my mom to breakfast at my favorite diner. It was absolutely y-u-m!

mothersday - cheerfuldreamer.com

I just love that lady. After I got my belly full and did a little shopping, it was home for some doggie snuggle time. I tried to take some cute selfies, but all Delta was interested in was trying to get some kisses. Typical.

doggy kisses - cheerfuldreamer.com doggy kisses - cheerfuldreamer.com

She is such a goofball. I hope that everyone reading this enjoyed their weekend. It is back to the grind for me tomorrow. Wish me luck! Hopefully I won’t be too pooped to try out a couple of projects for y’all!

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