Airbrushing Fun

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Happy New Year friends! I hope everyone had a great holiday. I have been super sick for the past two weeks, but I am finally starting to feel better. Woo hoo!! My super awesome hubby got me an airbrushing kit that I have had my eye on for Christmas. I have been dying to play around with it. When I thought I wouldn’t possibly cough up a lung yesterday, I started playing with it. It. Is. AWESOME! Seriously, everyone run out and buy one immediately. I had so much fun creating art with it. I was in my own creative world and I never wanted to leave it.

I got a five pack of canvas for $12 right before Christmas at Michael’s. They were having awesome deals every day. I couldn’t stop going in and spending money. I used that and tons of free paint that I have been collecting from the dump. This is what I made:

Airbrush Art -

It is a galaxy! I love it. I think it is pretty good for my first time playing with an airbrush gun. The only thing I would change is the method that I used to make the stars. Some of them just came out too big and chunky. Like I said, it was so much fun to create. I think it is safe to say that I officially have a new obsession!!

If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, he got my kit at Harbor Freight. They are the go to place for cheap tools. Always check RetailMeNot for coupons too. I got some accessories for my kit for 20% off when I went yesterday.

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