Sweater Snowman

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If you haven’t noticed yet, my current addiction is repurposing old sweaters. I am constantly thinking about what I can make with them. After I made my sweater pumpkins, I thought about making these snowmen. Start by gathering your supplies:

Old sweater sleeves (white or off white)


Small hair elastics


Eyes, nose and hat (I made mine from polymer clay)

Something for a scarf

Hot glue

Start by turning your sleeve inside out. Tie it off with a hair elastic. Once it is in place, secure it with twine and turn it right side out. Fill the sweater with about a cup of rice or so and tie it with another elastic and piece of twine. For the next ball, use a bit less rice and repeat steps once more. Once you tie off the top, fold the excess sleeve over and hot glue it under the head so it isn’t poking out of the top. You need a flat surface to place your hat on. You can also go ahead and place some glue in between your ball sections to make it all a bit more sturdy. Now glue on the eyes, nose and hat.

For the scarf, you have some options. I just took some t-shirt yarn I had on hand and quickly finger knitted a little scarf. [Have you guys tried finger knitting before?! I am not great knitting with needles, but I watched some finger knitting tutorials on YouTube. It is so easy. You must try it!!] You could also make your scarf with small scraps of material or pieces of ribbon. You can also either just tie it on or hot glue it on. It is really great at hiding the layer of sweater you tuck under as well.

You can add glitter to the nose or use buttons as the eyes to change it up a bit. You can even use a plain long sleeve shirt if you don’t have a sweater!
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