Art in a Pinch

Reading Time: 1 minute

Need a cool piece of art, but running short on time and money? No problem! I have a very simple solution that uses items you already have at home. Are you ready for this?? All you need is a frame and a screen tee! Boom. Done.

I found a super cute tee at the thrift store, but it was way small. It may have fit when I was ten. I bought it anyway, because you just never know. I was so happy when I found a use for it! No, I didn’t manage to squeeze into it. I love cake way too much for that to ever be a possibility. Turns out, the colors go great in my spare bathroom. I cut out the design, stretched it out until I had I pieces peeking out of the back of the frame and locked it in place. Viola! It is that easy. You’re welcome friends!


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