DIY Fire Starter

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Just a quick and easy DIY for you folks today. What are two things we all throw away almost everyday? Empty toilet paper rolls and dryer lint. I mean, why would we keep them? Stop toss them in the trash immediately! I love finding ways to keep things out of the landfill and this is a perfect example. When you are drying laundry, simply stuff the lint you remove into a toilet paper roll rather than throwing it away.

DIY Fire Starters -

I store the filled rolls in ziploc bags until I need them. It will keep them from getting moist as well as prevent them from making a mess. They are fantastic to take camping or to use in a backyard fire pit. As you can see, my lint is filled with animal hair. I told you guys I have a small zoo! 🐶🐱

DIY Fire Starters -

These really do burn well and are great to get a nice fire going. It saves time as well because you don’t have to search the area you are in for kindling. Give it a try. You will start saving them like I do!

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