Helping people clear out their junk can pay off folks. We’re not just talking about karma points, either. There are always treasures to be found. What some might call junk I call crafting gold! I found an enormous pickle jar when I was helping clean out my parents shed. I was so happy that they hadn’t thrown it out. It still had its lid and everything! Yay!

I wanted to turn it into a pretty container that would look nice enough to display and less like a pickle jar. First, I hot glued a tall candlestick holder onto the bottom.

I then screwed a wooden knob top the lid. I hit that with a coat of hammered metal spray paint. Once it was dry I screwed it back on the jar and I was finished.

I filled this one with toiletries to keep in my guest bathroom. This is why I love having a subscription to Birchbox. When I have left over samples that I haven’t used yet, this is a perfect use for them. You never know wher you will have a house guest that needs an e tea bath or beauty product. Plus, it is a fun way to introduce your friends and family members to awesome products that you love. It would also make a great candy dish or cookie jar! What would you guys use it for?

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