Quick Mason Jar Repurpose

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I recently discovered a very frugal way to obtain paint. At my local landfill, you can take home any paint they have for free. This prevents them from having to pay to dispose of it, so they are happy to see you take it off of their hands. Plus, it keeps it from possibly contaminating the environment. When I discovered this, I may have gone a little crazy. BUT after getting judgy looks from my hubby and one of the employees having to get me a shopping cart, I took home a ton of awesome paint. That included three cans of gold spray paint, because you never know when you might need it for a project! They were different kinds at least – Plain, metallic and hammered.

Back to the project at hand… I decided that the counter in my guest bathroom needed a bit of sprucing up. This was my chance to justify (if only just a miniscule amount) the gold spray paint.

I grabbed two small mason jars and got to work.


The main colors of that bathroom are blue and a goldish yellow. I decided to paint one jar and one lid ring blue and the other with the hammered gold/copper spray paint.


Once they were dry, I put the opposite rings on to make them look like more of a set.


I just threw some cotton balls in one and cotton swabs in the other. Viola. Super easy DIY project and it added a bit of charm to my guest bathroom. You can repurpose mason jars in so many ways! They are not just for canning. I like to upcycle ones that are past their prime or ones that you just don’t feel safe canning food in.

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