Pallet Fun

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I have been wanting to try my hand at some pallet projects for quite some time now. Luckily for me, my dad was able to get his hands on some free ones for me. After all, my favorite crafts usually start out as being free (or cheap) projects!

The hardest part for me was breaking down the pallets. I didn’t take any pictures during that process. I was just happy to finish with all 20 fingers and toes!! Clumsiness and power tools typically do not mix for me. Once I had everything broken down and the planks stacked up, I grabbed five of them that were pretty much the same length.

I knew I wanted my first project to be a star. I lined everything up into a star shape that I liked and began hammering each point, plus a few spots in between. I will admit, I got very frustrated when the nails kept popping out. Ugh! Next time I will definitely use screws.


…please excuse the dirty drive way and power washing doodles!

Other than the issue with the nails, I was very happy with how it turned out. At this point there were a few finishing options. It could be left unfinished or it could be painted. I opted to cover mine in Christmas lights and put it on my front porch.


(See the dogs at the door admiring mom’s handiwork?)

I love the finished project. It looks great at night. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of it in the dark that looked halfway decent. I think you get the picture though. Once the holidays come and go this year, I will probably take the lights off and paint it. I’ll post pictures of what it eventually becomes.

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