Crayon Art

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Every time I look at the art section of Pinterest, I see some type on crayon art. It just fascinates me! I love how the colors blend together and the possibilities that you can create. I decided that I would like something pink (big surprise) with some sort of focal in the middle. After settling on a heart, I grabbed some vinyl and cut one out with my Cricut.


After placing the heart in a visually pleasing spot, I picked out my crayons. I stuck with pinks, reds and greys. I peeled the papers off and stuck them in a mini glue gun.

I didn’t have a specific pattern in mind. I applied the color from both the top and bottom. Once I had the canvas as full as I could, I blasted it with my hairdryer. It really helped all of the colors blend together and become more smooth. I let it dry before I peeled off the heart. I lightly scored the crayon around the heart before I peeled it off. It helped prevent the crayon from chipping away. There were a few residual spots of color on the heart, so I painted it white. Viola!



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