Watercolor Canvas Art

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Canvas Art - cheerfuldreamer.com There have been a lot of watercolor projects floating around Pinterest lately. Of course I had to try it out for myself. I got a good deal (Buy one, get one FREE!!) on canvas recently at Michaels. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try this activity out for myself. All you need is watercolors and some blue gel Elmer’s glue(yay, another Elmer’s glue for me to fall in love with). I just picked up a cheap Crayola watercolor pallet while I was at Michaels. Be sure to download their app and you will get lots of coupons. I used a 40% off coupon for the paint. It does not have to be something high end or pricey to achieve a nice look. I just started randomly painting bright colors in a fun circular pattern. I wasn’t going for any look in particular, just something bright and pretty. Canvas Art - cheerfuldreamer.com Once the paint was dry, it was time for some fun. I just swirled the glue around in a fun, swirly pattern that would go with the round shape of the paint. Here is a close up for your viewing pleasure. Canvas Art - cheerfuldreamer.com I love the way it turned out, so I made the second one in a darker color scheme. Canvas Art - cheerfuldreamer.com I prefer the brightly colored one, but I think this one is neat too. This would be a fun summer project to do with your kids, family or even with a group of your friends. It can easily be an inexpensive activity if you keep an eye out for deals before you start buying your supplies.

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