Glade Candle Upcycle – Part 2

Glade Candle Upcycle – Part 2

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Glade Candle Upcycle - Let me start by saying that I had a lot of fun making these! It also got rid of five of the jars in the empty candle box. The best part is that I sold these on Etsy the same day I listed them! This completely justifies my hoarding things. I don’t know why I hoard craft supplies… I blame my mom. She has a problem 🙂 but I love her anyway. One day I shall inherit her immense collection of candle jars, empty canisters and old magazines. I should stop, she is probably reading this. I love you, mommy! Anyway, you only need a few things for this project: Twine, sequins (I think gold looks really nice with the neutral color of the twine) and hot glue. You can do this on any type of candle jar. The nice thing about Glade jars is that they are small and uniform. It won’t take forever covering this like it would a big jar from Yankee Candle or something. The easiest way to remove the wax from the jars is to fill them up with piping hot water and let them sit. I just fill up a tea kettle and pour the water once it is boiling. It is much safer than pouring the water from a pot on the stove. The wax will slowly become dislodged and float to the top. Most of them will do this on their own, but you may have to pry a few out. I just used a wooden skewer on the ones I found to be difficult. Glade Candle Upcycle - cheerfuldreamer.comGlade Candle Upcycle - cheerfuldreamer.comGlade Candle Upcycle - After that, wipe them out with a little Goo Gone to remove any residual wax and you will be good to go! Some of the jars may have a bit of black on them from their previous use, but that is very easy to clean off. I like to do large batches at a time. It is a great time saver when you are doing projects and already have a stash of clean jars set aside. Glade Candle Upcycle - I started by covering two jars completely in twine and one just in sequins. After that I made two of them have patterns using both materials. I would advise that if you make these, you just use small tea lights in order to prevent a flame from touching the top and catching your twine on fire. I use LED tea lights to be safe. Glade Candle Upcycle - What other kinds of materials do you think would look good on these? I am always looking to make more and would love to try out some of your suggestions!!

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