Paper Project 5: Hydrangeas

Paper Hydrangeas -
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Paper Hydrangeas -

I saw an idea like this on Pinterest about two years ago. I tried to find it so I could read the instructions, but I had no luck. I had to wing it and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I will say, I did under estimate the amount of time it would take to finish this project. I originally planned to make more than two, but I needed a break so I stopped. I’m sure I will make more down the road. To make these yourself, you will need the following supplies:

Paper Hydrangeas -

Scalloped punch


Book Pages

Hot Glue

Foam Balls

You will also need something long and pointy to stick the paper into the foam balls. I used a thin knitting needle. Start by punching out your pieces. It took quite a bit to make the two flowers. I just sat and punched mine out while I was watching tv. Once you have your pieces ready, start folding the petals and gluing them into the ball. First fold it in half, then in half twice more until it looks a pit like a triangle. Don’t fold it to tightly, you want it to look a bit flowy (is that a word? I think it is.) like a flower. Crisp edges will not look good. Place a small bit of glue on the tip and insert into the foam ball. It dries very quickly.

Paper Hydrangeas -

After you are done covering the ball, just place it onto the skewer and you are done. You could also glue the balls onto a stick, fake flower stem or even a cake pop stick. The two skewers that I used weren’t straight, so they had just been sitting in the drawer. They weren’t straight enough for when I made kabobs, but their ununiformed structure was perfect for this!

Paper Hydrangeas -

I really enjoyed them sitting in the windowsill. Too bad the cats would knock them over… and tear them apart and scatter the book petals all over my house. I’m sure eventually they will brighten someone else’s home.

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