Paper Project 4: Vase Redo

Paper Vase Redo -
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Paper Vase Redo -

A friend of mine got married a few years ago and had her centerpieces in these really nice glass vases. As a thank you for helping her set up for her reception, she let me have them. Score! I haven’t done much with them, but have had them tucked away for a project such as this.

The most time consuming part of this was cutting out the strips of paper. I cut the strips out in sizes ranging from one line to four. I used a paper cutter which made it much easier. Using scissors would have been way too tedious. Yikes. I would have gone nuts.

So, cut your strips out like so:

Paper Vase Redo -

Then just start gluing! I used my old favorite, Elmer’s glue. There are so many adhesive options out there these days that many people turn their noses up at the stuff. I don’t care if it is the same glue that I used in kindergarten. It works! Not to mention that fact that it is CHEAP. I always buy a bunch of bottles when it is on clearance after back to school time.

I glued all of the strips on until a single layer covered the entire vase. After that, I glued more layers on, trying to make it not look too uniform. Like I have said in the previous projects, don’t use too much glue. It will cause the paper to crinkle and look bad.

Once it was completely dry, I hit it with two coats of spray acrylic sealer. I let it dry overnight and topped it off with a coat of matte finish Mod Podge. Because I sealed it with the spray beforehand, I did not have to worry about the Mod Podge making the paper soggy.

Paper Vase Redo -

I haven’t put anything in the vase yet. I think some bright red flowers or something bold like that would look really nice.

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