Paper Project 1: Harry Potter Coasters

Harry Potter Coasters -
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Harry Potter Coasters -
I thought that this was a fun project to start with. I have had a bunch of plain ceramic tiles lying around that I hadn’t put to use yet. As I pondered what ways I could incorporate a book into a tile, coasters came to mind. I thought that the Harry Potter series would be a cute book to choose because it has cute chapter names and pictures. It will also be an easy project to gift to one of my friends for Christmas. Win win if you ask me.

I started by cutting out a page from the book and putting one of the tiles on top of it to measure. I traced it and then cut it out with scissors. I decided to choose a page with the title of the book as well as te first three chapters. It gave me a good direction to go in and if I want to have more than four coasters, it will be easy to add. My friend just might have a coaster for each book chapter by the time Christmas gets here!

Once all of my pages were cut out, I used a very light amount of white glue to adhere them. Make sure if you are making coasters yourself, do not go overboard on the adhesive. With thin pieces of paper such as these, copious amounts of glue will cause your pages to wrinkle. I did have that problem on coaster #1, but it wasn’t too terrible. I let them dry over night before I did anything else to them.

I sealed the top of them with several coats of matte spray acrylic sealer. You could also use Mod Podge if you prefer. I found that the spray sealer gave me less of a chance for wrinkling. I hot glued a piece of cork on the bottom of each and I was done. The cork was cheap, about $1 for a four pack at Joann’s.


I think they came out looking super cute!! I definitely think I will make a few more before I gift them.

Harry Potter Coasters -

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