Glade Candle Upcycle

Glade Candle Upcycle -
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I know that I have said I am not a hoarder… but I have A LOT of empty Glade candle jars. Like maybe a few boxes. I actually might need an intervention. I just tell myself that as long as I keep coming up with projects like this, it is all okay. You might remember my first candle redo. It was so much fun to do AND I sold it on Etsy. That totally justifies everything. Right? Right.

Anyway, this is a very easy project and you can make it in any color to match the décor in your home. To get the candle wax out of the jars, all I did was pour boiling water in the jars until it came loose. Then I did a once over with some Goo Gone and I was ready to craft.

Using a hot glue gun, I adorned half of each candle with sequins and think yarn. I thought it would be cute to do the opposite pattern on each of them. It is as easy as that my friends!

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